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We Finish Things

Perhaps the biggest challenge of collaborative projects is knowing where things are at. When stakeholders doubt the viability of a project or simply lack a clear view of status, further delays in resources can creep in. And many projects have multiple phases where the success of the last phase determines whether the project will continue.

We know that many of these challenges are overcome by simply showing progress, structuring projects so that visible progress is available throughout and that each phase ends with a functioning prototype or model which can be used to keep the project "sold" and moving forward.

These days it's important to know all the gotchas: What are the chances of this app getting approved? What are the compliance and testing issues for this market? How can I minimize delays during hardware testing? Will the prototype be done in time for the keynote? What is the testing facility looking for?

The best solution to all these problems is experience. It's always easier the second time, not to mention the third and fourth time. With experience comes knowledge of all the little details that make a big difference at the end of the project. We have that experience.

Work with us well before you get to "crunch time," and we'll deliver the project as painlessly and predictably as possible.

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