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Medical devices, be they large or small, simple or complex, must interact with a patient or a user. The more complex devices may have sophisticated displays built in while the simple ones may use basic visual or auditory signals. Now there is a new moderately priced alternative and that is the latest generation of mobile devices, the smart phones and tablets. They pack the computing power of the PCs of not so long ago combined with stylish displays. Newer standards such as Bluetooth and NFC means that they don't necessarily need to be tethered to the device they interact with. In fact it may be that they are tethered to their owner and interact with the device when they are near it. So the new mobile devices are set to revolutionize the way people interact with devices.

Perceptive Development Inc.: Qmed Qualified Supplier

Perceptive Development can help you integrate mobile devices into your next medical solution whether it is in-home, outpatient, clinical trial or hospital equipment. For just one example of an application we developed for a customer, click here.


Our capabilities include:

  • App Development teams for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Hardware Accessory Design including:
    • Firmware development for mobile accessories.
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"Quick Start" Building Blocks

Perceptive Development has a number of internally developed interface circuits that can be used to provide proof of concept implementations for your application or in some case can form the basis of final production implementations for your product needs. Our development team can quickly assess and implement solutions...   (Read More)